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Who the heck is Jeanne Ferris?

As an award winning journalist and writer, I cover multi-cultural, non-profits, charities, personality profiles, latest trends, community events, food, travel and new products for newspapers and magazines. My passions are a life long interest (since age six) for preserving fresh drinking water, protecting the spirit of free press and supporting independent filmmaking.

Born in the Philippine Islands, I adopted Los Angeles as my hometown also at age six. It was at this time I saw my first drive-in movie screen---a profound experience that has fed an enduring deep passion for the cinema.

Pursuing my childhood dream to work, as an actor would be easy I thought because who wouldn´t be blown away by my diversity? What I didn´t count on was that I was the only one thinking outside of the box.

The challenge to rise above (15 years or so) of "don´t blink or you´ll miss me" bit parts, day player and edits on the floor felt insurmountable---finding the ultimate breakout role when diversity was an anomaly is not yet a thing of the past. I am hopeful for my children's children that diversity is not just a checklist item but a natural outcome.

There weren´t any female action heroes in cinema as role models then either, so training in stunt work and karate for film roles was unusual. But it still wasn't enough to get the lead. Rejected and dejected, I decided to hit the refresh button and relocate for cleaner air to San Diego.

Truth be told, I fell madly in love and moved my thirty pairs of designer high heels to my boyfriend´s house during our courtship. Said boyfriend is now my loving husband of 28 years and the heels have been downsized for barefoot beach walks with our two kids (my best work to date). Motherhood has taught me the act of giving which now resides comfortably in our home. Volunteerism is a family activity that we share with various charitable causes.

Today, my word count has replaced line count---I treasure first editions and nothing is sweeter (except kisses from my loved ones) than a strong cuppa joe with an engrossing book in a comfy chair by a roaring fire in the winter...or a hammock under a cool cypress tree in the summer.

A fictional story regarding the legendary Mt. Shasta and the Shastan Indians is in the pipeline. Hopefully, it will be completed before I´m senile and I wonder ---who the heck is Jeanne Ferris?

  • 2020 - Ethnic Media Services Awards - Special Commendation: Racial Justice
  • 2018 - Excellence in Journalism Awards, San Diego Press Club:
    • 2nd Place, Magazines: Essay/Commentary/Opinion
    • 2nd Place, Magazines: Reviews
    • 3rd Place, Magazines: Reviews
  • 2017 - Excellence in Journalism Awards, San Diego Press Club
    Finalist, Magazines: Multicultural & Education
  • 2016 - Excellence in Journalism Awards, San Diego Press Club
    Finalist, Magazines, Multicultural
  • 2015 - Excellence in Journalism Awards, San Diego Press Club
    Finalist, Magazines: Travel
  • 2012 - Essay Contest - Library Friends of San Diego County
    Finalist, Adult Division
  • 2010 - Essay Contest, Del Mar Ink Newspaper
    Winner, Narrative Nonfiction Feature Entry
  • 2009 - Essay Contest, Solana Beach Library
    Finalist, Adult Division

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